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Record Highs for August 1
July 31, 2012


Not a lot changing for the first day of August.  Excessive heat will once again grab the headlines.

Thankfully it doesn’t look like Fort Smith will touch the record high of 111 last year.  We are just a few days away from the anniversary of Fort Smith’s all-time hottest temperature of 115 degrees!

Fayetteville will have a better chance at challenging the record; however, if more clouds come back into play, the temperature might come up short.

We will watch and see!  Stay cool.

Drew Michaels

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Don’t Let the Heat Keep You Away
July 31, 2012

   The heat is not only uncomfortable – it is also keeping people from getting out and doing what they usually do.  That’s bad news for the nation’s blood banks because sadly, those blood banks depend on regular donations to keep them going during times of great demand.

   Yesterday, Derek, Kelly, and I went to the Local Community Blood Center to do our part.  Derek was the photographer while Kelly and I were the donators.  If you have never given blood before, it’s really not that difficult. 

   Head to your local donation cent.  The folks are very kind.  After a series of questions, you will show the receptionist your drivers license.  They will prick your finger to check your iron level, take your blood pressure to make sure it is at a safe level, and then ask you your weight – to make sure you are in a healthy range.

   The toughest part is definitely the needle.  When you make it past that – you’ll be home free.  The whole process takes about half an hour – entrance to exit – but let me tell you, it is well worth it.  I learned yesterday that my one pint of blood can be used to save as many as three lives.

   If you have the opportunity and you are healthy – giving blood would be a very kind and generous thing to do.  Thanks in advance.

   Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist

Nasty Heat for Tuesday!
July 30, 2012

Excessive heat warning is in effect until Thursday evening for the counties in purple!  The heat index will range between 104 and 110 degrees..please check on the elderly and the outdoor pets and animals!

We were just a few degrees off of record highs this afternoon.  The saving grace was a band of clouds rounding the ridge of high pressure to our west.

The same forecast will hold true for Tuesday.  More clouds are expected to roll across the area throughout the morning and afternoon.  There’s even a slight chance for s shower; however, that percentage is around a 10%.

Record highs for Tuesday is 109 in Fort Smith, and 104 in Fayetteville.  Regardless temperatures will run some 10 to 15 degrees above average.

Drew Michaels

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Extreme Heat this Week
July 29, 2012

We’re ending the weekend on a hot note and things won’t change much over the next few days.  A stout ridge of high pressure will bring us some of the hottest temperatures of the summer over the next few days.

Even though we had some decent rainfall last week, the ground is still pretty arid making it easy for temperatures to reach the triple digits.  Highs this week will range from 104 to possibly as high as 110 in some locations.  We could definitely tie and break some high temperature records as this big dome of heat settles over the area.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much relief in sight. The ridge will slowly start to flatten out by the end of the week only shaving off a couple of degrees of high temperatues. There’s also the chance for a pop up shower here and there, but anything that does develop will be short lived.

If you can, try to limit outdoor activities to early in the morning or around sunset.  Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and get a lot of rest in the shade if you work outdoors.

Meteorologist Brittany Bell

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More Triple Digits
July 28, 2012

The all too familiar ridge of high pressure will build across the region for the next couple of days.  And that means more triple digits and limited rain chances.  When you factor in the humidity, temperatures will feel a few degrees warmer also.  The National Weather Service has most of the area under a heat advisory or an excessive heat warning until Thursday.

Regional Temps

With temperatures this hot it’s important to take it easy outside in the heat. Make sure to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water even if you’re not thirsty.  Also, it’s best to do your outdoor exercising really early in the morning or around sunset.

Brittany Bell

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Major Heat Arrives…Again!
July 27, 2012

The death ridge of high pressure returns over the next several days.  Under the high very little will occur; other than major heat!

A heat advisory is in effect for all of the counties in orange through the weekend.  Sebastian county has been upgraded to an excessive heat warning.

The highest temperatures we have experienced in 2012 are 102 in Fayetteville, and 108 in Fort Smith!  No major relief is in sight…please check on the elderly and the outdoor pets and animals in this dangerous heat!

Drew Michaels

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Not Quite Enough
July 27, 2012

  Even though much of yesterday afternoon was spent dodging heavy rain showers and thunderstorms, I’m afraid that we are going to need many, many more afternoons filled with those type of showers before we being to make a dent in this rainfall deficit.

   The US drought monitor released the update on Arkansas’s serious drought situation on Thursday and several counties have now been added to the EXCEPTIONAL drought category.  I have included the current map which shows the county by county break down.

   Sadly, our forecast for the weekend and the following work week won’t be much help.  Let’s hope some changes might be headed our way soon.

   Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist

Evening Update
July 26, 2012

The bulk of the thunderstorms are currently moving south of I-40. There’s still a severe thunderstorm warning for Scott and Polk county that expires in about 15 minutes.  Still dealing with heavy rain and gusty winds with the strongest storms. 

4029 Weather Radar

After this main line pushes through things should quiet down for the rest of the night. We could still have lingering showers overnight with things clearing out for the most part tomorrow evening. 

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Storms Developing
July 26, 2012

A line of heavy rain is slowly pushing to the east in Northwest Arkansas this afternoon.  These storms are under a severe thunderstorm warning until 3:30pm.  Right now these slow movers are dumping a lot of rain and have the capability of producing winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour.  

Northwest Arkansas Radar

Currently, there aren’t any storm reports but if you have any damage let us know here on on our facebook page.  For the rest of the evening showers will continue to develop with gust winds as the main concern. 

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Afternoon Update
July 26, 2012

Isolated storms are already starting to develop this afternoon, especially along I-44. Storm coverage should increase for the rest of the afternoon as a cold front, currently located just west of I-44, continues to push south across the area.

4029 Weather Radar

Expect to see scattered storms this afternoon through late tonight. We could still have some showers linger early tomorrow morning, but the bulk of the activity will occur this evening. All the heat and moisture in the atmosphere could help some of the storms reach severe limits today.  Right now damaging winds and small hail is the main concern.  Winds today could gust as high as 60+ miles per hour.

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