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June Summary
June 30, 2012

The month of June has definitely been a warm one across the area.  We’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures and dry conditions.  Temperature wise we’ve been above normal with an average temperature of 89.5 when the normal average is 83.6.



It’s been dry as well for the past couple of months, especially for June.  Here are the stats.

Fort Smith     1.57 ” total rain for June    -2.58 below normal

XNA                  1.71”                                          -3.26 below normal

Fayetteville   2.29”                                           -2.51 below normal

We will have some relief on Monday and Tuesday as an upper level area of low pressure will track to the north.  This will cool temperatures a couple of degrees. Not a dramatic change, but enough to make things feel a little more comfortable outside.

Brittany Bell

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A Happy Landing
June 29, 2012

     I don’t follow space missions very often but I heard this morning that a Chinese space capsule carrying three crew members has successfully returned to Earth following a 13-day mission.  This is sort of interesting because although the US may be be putting their space adventures on hold – the rest of the world is not. 

   The three person crew included the countries first woman astronaut – who, by the way, only joined the Chinese Space Program two years ago.  The group carried out a successful manual docking with the Tiangong-1 laboratory module.  What does that actually mean?  Well it means that the astronauts were able to complete a careful procedure that involed bringing together two orbiting vessels travelling at thousands of miles an hour.  Now, for the US and Russia that would be old news because both countries mastered that skill back in the 1960s.  But the Chineese are trying to make up ground, raise money, and advance their space endeavours.  The country actually hopes to to have their own space station by 2020.  I also read that they man be wanting to put a man on the moon.   Hum???

   With the hot weather we’ve been feeling around here – I would almost volunteer to be that man — or woman.  In face, I bet they would see many hands go up in this country for a ticket into a considerably cooler outer space.

   Have a great weekend –

   Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist

High Fire Threat Friday
June 28, 2012

Another record-breaking day is possible for Friday.  Highs in the lower 100’s are expected again under a mostly sunny sky.

There will be a high fire danger threat on Friday.  Winds will increase during the afternoon between 10 to 20 mph.  Now that might not sound like much, but those winds can easily fan the flames, and push a wildfire out of control. 

In addition to the winds, low humidity will also help to fuel the fire danger threat.  Please be careful across the area!

Drew Michaels

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When Your Hot Your Hot
June 28, 2012

   I have to be honest – I have run out of clever and creative ways to say it’s hot.  As I was sharing with a friend my unfortunate momentary problem with writers block, he reminded me of a catchy little phrase that comes in handy at a time like this. 

   “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

   You know what?  He’s right.  Now, I am challenging you.  On our 40/29 News at Sunrise show, we LOVE to see and share your pictures and videos.  So, instead of me saying it, I invite you to show it.  What is your favorite hot shot during this incredible uncomfortable weather we’ve been having? 

    Are you at the pool, running in the sprinklers, catching some z’s in a hammock in the shade?  Grab a camera or sneak a cell phone shot and upload your pictures / video to the ULOCAL segment of our 40/29 website.  I am including a link.  

   Kelly, Derek, and I would love to share your pix with everyone.  Keep it clean, of course – and keep it cool.  And, thanks!  I hope you are having a great summer.

   Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist


Major Records on Thursday
June 27, 2012

The record highs for Thursday will easily be beat in both Fayetteville and Fort Smith; however, the area will be gunning for the all time record highs for the month of June.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in June is 101 in Fayetteville.  We have hit that twice this month, but we could top that mark on Thursday.  Fort Smith’s all time record high is 106.  We hit 106 on Wednesday, but there’s a good chance we could top that mark on Thursday.

In addition to the all time record highs, there have been a lot of 100 degree days so far this June.  100 degree days aren’t common in June; however, with the dry ground and the lower humidity, temperatures are easily cracking the century mark.

Both locations by the end of the month should be top 3 in 100 degree days for the month of June.  While this June won’t go down as the hottest on record, it will be one to remember!

Drew Michaels

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Hot June Night Sky…
June 26, 2012

Well it’s hot outside, but at least with the clear sky we have some optimal backyard astronomy viewing.

Take a look toward the southwest sky after sundown.  Saturn and Mars are nowvisible.  Bring the family out and see what the night sky has to offer!

Drew Michaels

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“There is no such thing as bad weather….
June 26, 2012

…only unsuitable clothing.”

  ~Alfred Wainwright

   If Mr. Wainwright were in Arkansas today he might be wearing as little as possible seeing as how afternoon highs will again be near or in the triple digits.  I believe our level of concern is compounded by the fact that our rainfall deficit continues to worsen with each passing day.

   It’s been more than a week since we’ve seen rain in Northwest Arkansas and about that same amount of time in the River Valley.

   The deficit for Fayetteville stands at 9.78 while Fort Smith’s is 2.47.  In the past almost 40 years, this is the second driest year to date.

   We will continue to look for (and hope for) a change in our weather pattern but right now it seems that Mother Nature is staying the course.

   Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist

More Records for Tuesday…
June 25, 2012

This is the broken record forecast.  High pressure is firmly anchored across the Central Plains, and the heat is only going to get worse as we approach Thursday and Friday.

Fayetteville and Fort Smith set new records on Monday.  Fayetteville hit 101 while Fort Smith hit 105.  This was the first time Fayetteville hit 100 degrees in June since 1988. 

This was the third consecutive day that Fort Smith hit 100 degrees.  Last summer Fort Smith set a record of 35 consecutive days with 100 degree heat; thankfully we have a long way to go to break that record!

Here are the records for Tuesday.  There’s a good chance that we could tie or break records across the area for the rest of the month.  The heat is dangerous so please use caution.  Check on the elderly and make sure your pets have cool water and a well ventilated shelter.

Drew Michaels

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If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it….
June 25, 2012

   Isn’t that how the saying goes?  But what if it is broken? 

   Over the weekend I decided to join a co-worker and her family at Beaver Lake.  It was my first time there and we had a wonderful time.  However, at some point during the long, ROCKY walk from the dock to the car I slipped a few times and I believe I either kicked a rock or a rock fell on my middle toe. 

   It hurt a bit at the time but that’s about all the thought I gave to the injury until I woke up this morning and put my foot on the ground.  Holy Smokes!  Over night my toe has turned a reddish purple and is now causing me terribly pain.

   No, I haven’t gone to the doctor yet because EVERYONE that I have mentioned this to tells me the same thing: there is nothing a doctor can do and the best remedy is to tape it straight to a pop sickle stick and wait out the pain. 

   I am following that advice but I am not very good at waiting and I am certainly not known for my high tolerance of pain – so this ought to be an interesting week. 

   Hope your week is off to a better start.

   Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist

Heat this Week
June 24, 2012

Mother nature has turned on the hot button and she isn’t letting go.  Temperatures will remain in the upper 90s to the triple digits across the area for much of this week. 


We will be under the influence of a strong area of high pressure for the next few days and this means warm temperatures and limited rain chances.  When we factor in the humidity our “feels like” temperatures will range from 105 to even 110.  So it’ll be imperative to take it slow while working outside.

Right it’s looking like temperatures will only cool down a couple of degrees by the end of the week as this stout ridge begins to break down. 

Brittany Bell

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