Updated Tornado Stats….

These are some great stats provided by John Robinson from the NWS in Little Rock.  Here is an explantion below….

Things to keep in mind:  On the map showing the number of verified tornadoes, if a tornado passed through more than one county, it is counted in each county that it entered (in other words, it appears on the map more than once); thus this map is referred to as “tornadoes by county.” Counties with the largest populations are likely to have the largest tornado counts, since almost all tornadoes will be observed and reported. More rural counties, especially those with large areas of timber and small populations, tend to have smaller tornado counts since some tornadoes may go unreported.
On the map of tornado deaths:  The number of fatalities in White County heavily reflects the Judsonia tornado on March 21, 1952 (as does the number in Woodruff County).  That day was the deadliest tornado day in Arkansas history with at least 111 lives lost.  In 1952 when the Judsonia tornado occurred, TV stations were just coming on the air in Arkansas, there was no weather radar, and the warning program in this country was just getting underway. In those days, unless you saw the tornado or someone else saw it and called you on the phone, virtually all tornadoes hit by surprise. So, the death toll tended to be much larger in those days. Such large loss of life nowadays is less likely, but not impossible — just look at the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Joplin, and other places last year.
Drew Michaels
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