2:30 P.M. Update

The clouds have filled back in across the area this afternoon as expected.  This stratus indicates of the warm moist air being transported from the Gulf of Mexico.  Isolated showers are possible across the area this afternoon and evening.

The warm front is slowly creeping north across the Ouachitas.  The models still indicate that the front will push north across our entire area by this evening.  Dewpoints will continue to increase into the middle to upper 50’s and lower 60’s.  

The dryline across western Oklahoma/Texas will be the focus for shower and thunderstorm activity late this afternoon and early evening.  Those storms along the dryline/cold front will head in our direction toward the late evening.  The storm timeframe has been pushed back even further.  10 p.m. till 3:00 a.m. is more realistic.

Right now the instability is really lacking across the area.  That’s something that would help to limit the overall tornado threat.  Winds and hail are still possible with the strong to severe storms.

Drew Michaels

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4 Responses

  1. The weather channel said we could get strong tornadoes tonight? Is that true? I hope not

    • Marissa,

      I don’t agree with that wording at all.

      Drew Michaels

      • I was just wondering, I trust you guys more then them because your more local. What would be the main threats around the Huntsville area? Are tornadoes a big risk tonight? Or just isolated? Sorry for all the questions.

      • Marissa,

        Small hail and gusty winds are the greatest threats. The tornado threat will be low.

        Drew Michaels

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