10:00 A.M. Update…Increasing Moisture

The forecast will quickly evolve this afternoon and evening with showers and thunderstorms developing.  One of the necessary ingredients for severe thunderstorms is surface based moisture.  We look at dewpoints to indicate where the deep moisture resides.

This is a surface map made up of many station plots.  The bottom green number represents the dewpoint temperature.  Notice that the dewpoints across NW AR and the River Valley are low; however, just to our south, dewpoint are in the upper 50’s to near 60.

Dewpoints in the middle to upper 50’s and lower 60’s would help support strong to severe thunderstorms.  A warm front sits just to our south this morning along the Red River.  South of the warm front is where the greatest moisture sits.  The warm front will lift north throughout the afternoon allowing the deeper moisture to move into eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

You should notice the humidity will increase throughout the afternoon.  Some other ingredients will need to come together for severe weather; however, the moisture part of the equation won’t be an issue.

Drew Michaels

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3 Responses

  1. Is this going to be a widespread tornado event ? Are we looking at brief spin up tornadoes, or big tornadoes 😦

    • Lynn,

      The tornado threat will be isolated; widespread damaging tornadoes are not in the forecast at this point.

      Drew Michaels

  2. what is the update…?? is there severe weather expected in rogers aread tonight? like tornadoes, or what is the biggest threat? what time frame and percent is there .. thanks

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