Rain Showers Developing….

An upper level disturbance moving across Kansas is kicking off scattered showers to our northwest.  Some of that rain will possibly mix with some sleet across northeastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

The rain should start to move in between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.  The rain will linger throughout the afternoon and move out toward the evening.  The highest probability for rain will sit along and north of I-40.  Clouds and rain will keep temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s today.

Drew Michaels

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8 Responses

  1. So whats the severe threat looking like on Monday? Ive seen several stations forecasting a severe weather outbreak,an we are included in the 30% or higher risk for day 5-6.Thx!

    • The threat is there but it all depends upon the timing of the front. I’m sure the SPC will issue a slight risk for Monday. We’ll have a better idea in the next 24 hours.

      Drew Michaels

  2. Getting some heavy, wet snowflakes mixing in up in Lowell.

  3. I wish there wouldn’t be so much hype out there this far out about Monday. Like you said, we should wait another 24 hours before labeling this as a major event. I am hoping for just straight line winds and hail at the most. That I can handle.

    • Sarah,Monday is only 3 days away,& I’m not hyping it up,simply stating facts.Asking the professinals on their take.

      • Dax, I apologize if it seemed I was referring to your call on the weather Monday. I was really talking about certain stations that make the call a week out just to increase their ratings. I would much rather listen to the local guys since they are focused only on our state. Thank you for the blog, it is always nice to be up to par on the weather here.

      • It’s no problem Sarah! I didn’t mean to be rude & jump all over you! I do agree that alot of stations blow it out of proportion way ahead of time!
        Thanks for the blog guys!

      • I agree with you both ! I’m deathly scared of tornadoes , and I’ve heard it’s going to be a huge outbreak with large long lived deadly tornadoes !! It scares me to death !

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