Afternoon Update

The back of the rain approaching Northwest Arkansas around 2-3pm this afternoon.   With temperatures around 37-39 degrees in most of Northwest Arkansas, you may even briefly spot some sleet pellets or wet snowflakes in the rain.   Driving into work, I noticed some of the raindrops hitting the windsheild had some texture to it, in the form of partially melted wet snowflakes.   So don’t be surprised if you see some of that, especially in the higher elevations of Northwest Arkansas/Boston Mountains.   This rain will be quickly moving east of the Fort Smith/Fayetteville area by 4pm with drier conditions this evening. 

Hang in there…still expecting major improvements to our temperatures Friday afternoon and into the weekend!

Damon Shaw, 40/29 Meteorologist

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4 Responses

  1. We’ve got graupel here in East Fayetteville. It has been falling for the past minute or so (3:53.)

    • Thanks, Tanya. I have heard some reports of sleet in Prairie Grove and some snowflakes mixing in from Lowell and Bella Vista this afternoon. I’m sure its been happening in some other places as well. Quite a novelty for the last day of March!

      -Damon Shaw

  2. There was light sleet in the 6th street area of Fayetteville around 3:30 or so as well.

  3. Hey,Drew!
    We picked up .50 of rain in Clarksville today!

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