Rain Moving In Thursday

An upper level disturbance (lifting air) will move out of Kansas on Thursday.   Look for a rather narrow band of rain to develop for at least Northwest Arkansas during the midday and afternoon hours.   It appears that the best window of opportunity of rain will be roughly from about Noon to 4pm.  

The bottom image is the NAM computer model projected rainfall amounts for Thursday afternoon.  It is forecasting about 1/10″ to 2/10″ of rainfall in Northwest Arkansas with 1/4″ amounts possible.   Rainfall will likely be less and more spotty for the Fort Smith area, while Southeast Oklahoma will be the area most likely to be dry.  

This rain should move east of our area for Thursday evening. 

Damon Shaw, 40/29 Meteorologist

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2 Responses

  1. Hey, Storm Team, I was wondering what to expect in South East Ok ( Leflore county) Sun thru Tuesday. I have heard the words, long lived, epic, outbreak, deadly and huge tornadoes for those days . Maybe I’m reading the wrong weather info. I just wanted to ask y’all cause you always give a straight answer.

    • Jasper,

      There is a strong front that will move in for Monday. The timing of the front will determine the severe weather potential; however, it’s something we will be watching closely over the next several days. It’s way too early to start labeling this event. Strong to severe storms at this point are possible for Monday afternoon and evening.

      Drew Michaels

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