Major Warm-Up This Weekend

I have great news for you all of you tired of the cold temperatures.  The pattern looks to switch nicely toward the weekend, and that means much needed warmth. 

A nice ridge of high pressure will settle over the plains this weekend.  High pressure over the Rockies means sinking air, and that sinking air warms up rapidly. 

Temperatures on Saturday will soar into the 70’s under a lot of sunshine.  Sunday could be the warmest day of the week with highs in the 80’s. 

More clouds will roll in from the Gulf Saturday night into Sunday morning; however, those clouds will likely break up during the course of the day.  With a partly cloudy sky and 16 to 18 degree celsius at 850 mb, we’re expecting temperatures to warm 15 to 20 degrees above average.

Drew Michaels

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4 Responses

  1. With the warm weather moving in this weekend, do you think it is safe to say we have moved onto Spring and it is OK to get my boat “summerized”?

  2. Isn’t it suppose to storm Sunday, and Monday ?

    • Storms are likely (70% chance) on Monday. Sunday should be warm and windy more than anything else with rain chances at 20% Sunday.

      -Damon Shaw

  3. Thank you, Damon. I’ve been reading on some storm spotter blogs, and they are talking of a tornado outbreak Monday ! I always like to stay a cpl days ahead of the storm, incase I have to find shelter .

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