Meteorological Winter Ends…Records Set Again!


Meteorological winter has come to an end and the official winter statistics are in and they are impressive. It was the 17th coldest winter in northwest Arkansas since 1893 and the 40th coldest winter since 1883 in the river valley. To sum it all up our area had an average winter IF we lived 100 miles further north but that is only part of the story. Last winter set records for cold, the year before that set records in northwest Arkansas for ice, this year we are setting records for snow. The river valley’s snowfall this year compares to Joplin, Missouri and northwest Arkansas’s snowfall this season compares to southern Minnesota.

The Raw Numbers

December was near average in the river valley and 1.7 degrees below average for northwest Arkansas. January was 1.4 and 1.1 degrees below average respectively and february was 0.6 degrees below average in the river valley and 1.8 degrees below average in northwest Arkansas. As a whole, this winter has been 0.6 degrees below average in the river valley and 1.5 degrees below average in northwest Arkansas.

Comparing 2010-11 to previous winters

River Valley

This winter was the  40th Coldest winter and 17th snowiest season since 1883.

Northwest Arkansas

This winter was the 17th coldest season since 1893 and the snowiest season since 1940.

Precipitation & Snowfall

There is no doubt that this year will be remembered for the snowfall. The river valley has picked up on 2 years worth of snowfall so far and northwest Arkansas has seen over 3 and a half years of snowfall up to this point. These numbers could still change since March is known for its potential to bring heavy snows every few years. Regardless, the overall precipitation totals have been below average by about 2.5″. Most of the winter’s precipitation fell as snowfall. The season started off very dry but February did end slightly above average in precipitation.

Ross Ellet

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5 Responses

  1. Are any of the long range models showing more winter weather?

    • The month long outlook from the CPC is for above average temperatures. There’s a slight chance on Saturday afternoon for some rain mixing with snow across NW AR; otherwise, we look void of winter weather over the next 7 to 10 days.

      Drew Michaels

  2. farmers almanac Is predicting us to have the biggest snowstorm we have had so far. What do you think?

    • Dre,

      If you have a copy of the farmer’s almanac showing this forecast, I want to see it. There have been several rumors about a big March snow in the almanac and yet we can’t find it in the publication.

      Another snow this month wouldn’t surprise me, but it would be nearly impossible to see a snowstorm worse than the storm that brought 1-2 feet last month.

      Ross Ellet

  3. I agree with Ross on this one. The Snow record we had last month would be impossible to beat.

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