Compressional Heating…Snow Eaters

I thought this time-lapse was appropriate for today.  Let the melting begin.  High temperatures this afternoon will climb into the middle to upper 30’s across the area.  The big push of warm air arrives late in the weekend.

Our dominant trough across the United States is forecast to lift over the next several days.  The position of the jetstream will cause an impressive ridge of high pressure to become centered over the mountain west.  This high will allow compressional heating to develop along the lee side of the Rockies.  That sinking air warms at the dry adiabatic lapse rate of 5.5°F/1000 ft). 


850 mb (5,000 ft) temperatures will climb to 12 to 13 Celsius by Sunday.  Even with the remaining snow on the ground, we’ll expect highs to climb into the upper 50’s and low to middle 60’s.  More clouds arrive next week; however, temperatures are expected to remain unseasonably warm!  Maybe an early spring?

That brings us to our poll question. 

Drew Michaels

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8 Responses

  1. This was a very interesting blog guys! I’m looking forward to the warm weather and the kids getting back to school!!! my son, but oh Lord he’s driving me crazy!!!
    Take care and stay safe and warm!!!!!
    Patti M.

  2. Hey,Guys!
    We dropped down to -2 degrees in Clarksville last night!! Brrrrrrrr!! Was this a record?

    • Dax and Garrett….. there isn’t an ASOS in Clarksville. I don’t know where the official temperature would be taken…so nothing can be verified.

      Drew Michaels

  3. In Clarksville,it was -2 according to my thermometer last night!!

  4. Drew/Ross,

    I’m not gonna like this warm weather at all. . . Do either of ya’ll think we could get another winter storm before the winter ends, or was this it for us?

    • Jeremy,

      Well we thought we were done last year, and then the March winter storm came. I wouldn’t say we’re completely done at this point.

      Drew Michaels

      • Thanks for the reply, Drew. I hope we’re not done. . I love winter weather.

  5. Ready for springtime floating and smallmouth fishing! Dial up some rain!

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