Records Shattered

The all time record low was set this morning in Fayetteville at -18 degrees, The Highfill XNA airport got down to -21 degrees. Fort Smith came within 2 degrees of setting a daily record low. Yet another winter weather event for the ages this morning. At the same time freezing fog drifted through the area creating an eerie and wicked look early this morning. Here are the official lows this morning from around the area.

Ross Ellet

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6 Responses

  1. Brrrr baby!!! It’s cold out there!!! We even had to drag the dog outside just to go potty!!!

  2. I am ready for Spring now! I miss it! : (

  3. We had -26 on the car when I started it this morning.
    From Noel, MO

  4. Anyone know the low for Eureka Springs?

  5. I know what the deal is. The HAARP weapon in is full force. Don’t know what it is? look it up.. a new military weapon that effects the weather. Of course they won’t tell you this, but believe me it’s been proven in many documentaries… laughing are you? just wait.. weather won’t be the same from here on out.

  6. was the 1 degree in poteau a record for that day?

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