Historic Snow In Northwest Arkansas

Above is a picture from Tonitown, where public reports were as high as 22″ of snow reported there.   Just about every town in Northwest Arkansas reported between about 1-2 feet of snow. 

In an average winter, Northwest Arkansas averages a little over 6″ for the year.   Some locations saw 4 years worth of snow in one morning!

  • A new record for the most snow in 24 hours for Fayetteville at 18″.  Although there are some unofficial records of about 18 inches that fell in March 1968.
  • A new record for the most snow in 24 hour period statewide was set at Siloam Springs at 24.5″. This seems to be greatest snow depth recorded in Arkansas since 1913 when 40″ was recorded in Gravette. 

The old daily snowfall record is 18 inches at Bee Branch.  
Here is a list of some of the more significant snow events in Northwest Arkansas, provided by the National Weather Service.  
U Of A EXPERIMENTAL STATION         11.5 inches     2/16/1993   
FAYETTEVILLE DRAKE FIELD              10.0 inches    3/12/1968  (unoffical reprts of 18″ that day)
BENTONVILLE 4 SOUTH                           14.0 inches    3/14/1999   
EUREKA SPRINGS 3 WNW                        17.0 inches   3/14/1999   
HUNTSVILLE 1 SSW                                    13.0 inches   3/18/1988   
BERRYVILLE 5 NW                                      12.0 inches    1/31/1982   
GRAVETTE                                                      16.3 inches  10/16/1899  
GREEN FOREST                                           12.5 inches    2/27/1984   
ODELL                                                             12.0 inches  3/22/2010  (the big Spring Break snow last year)  
UOf A EXPERIMENTAL STATION      23.0 inches  1/21/1918  
FAYETTEVILLE DRAKE FIELD          10.0 inches  1/10/1977  
 BENTONVILLE 4 SOUTH                      14.0 inches  3/9/1994  
EUREKA SPRINGS 3 WNW                   19.0 inches  1/21/1918  
HUNTSVILLE 1 SSW                               17.0 inches  1/7/1996  
BERRYVILLE 5 NW                                15.0 inches  3/12/1968  
GRAVETTE                                                 40.0 inches  3/26/1913  
GREEN FOREST                                         14.0 inches  1/10/1977  
ODELL                                                           20.0 inches   2/15/1968  
Meteorologist Damon Shaw

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13 Responses

  1. 15″ with drifts up to 4′ in East Fayetteville.

  2. So not fair! River Valley got jipped

    • Oh c’mon, we got 4-5″+. That’s much better than a dusting!

      • 4-5 inches isn’t compared to what NWA got. . . . I live on Z Street in South Fort Smith. . I measured 4 inches. . . . I hope to be moved to Northwest Arkansas by the end of this summer.

    • We sure didnt in Clarksville!! 8 inches is plenty for me! None of us got jipped,dude!

      • Seems as if Ft.Smith was the only people who got jipped,

  3. Good snow but would have like to have been at least close to NW Ark totals since we were suppost to get the most what happened ?

  4. Drew/Ross,

    The temperature is 18 degrees right now in South Fort Smith. I know the temps aren’t suppose to get above freezing. . . In your opinion, tomorrow (Thursday), do you think the roads in Fort Smith will start to clear off with the sun, or will they remain frozen?

    • Jeremy,

      the roads will get better during the afternoon with the sunshine; however, left over moisture they refreeze again after the sun goes down.

      Drew Michaels

  5. Don’t you mean “Historic?” http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/historic-versus-historical.aspx

  6. You hope to be moved to northwest arkansas soon? yeah, it’s so much fun spending hours digging yourself out of 2 feet of snow and dealing with 19 below temperature… are you mad?

  7. well we dident get a lot of snow here in berryville arkansas. like they said we would but i was just woundering if we are going to get snow for next month in march like the weather was saying/ please answer back okay /

    • Although it is difficult to say being this far out, to me weather is all about a balancing act…We could very well have some late season snow and cold temperatures for March…Stay tuned!

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