Summer Stats So Far…

So far it has been a hot, wet and very humid summer. However summer isn’t treating everybody the same. The River Valley has been much hotter than average compared to Northwest Arkansas. So far the river valley has been 4.1 degrees above average while northwest Arkansas has been 2.4 degrees above average. Here is a look at how many 90-degree days have occurred so far this year. Notice the river valley is significantly above normal.

We have also had three 100-degree days in Fort Smith which is close to the average. Along with the heat we have also had above average rainfall. Northwest Arkansas has picked up around a foot of rainfall so far which is 3.5″ above normal. Around 8″ of rain has fallen in the River Valley which is about 1″ above normal.

Even though the rainfall is above average, the thunderstorm count is below average for the year. Take a look at the thunderstorm days so far.

The lower than average thunderstorm count is due in part to a lack of spring thunderstorms. The lack of spring thunderstorms, and the right conditions to form them is also one reason why the spring severe weather season was below normal also.

One other interesting thing to note is that the average wind speed has been below normal all summer. The average wind speed is close to 7 mph while we have been near 5 mph this year. Also the humidity and overnight lows have been significantly above normal as well.

Ross Ellet

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