Meteorological Winter Ends…Worst In A Decade


Meteorological winter has come to an end and the official winter statistics are in and they are stunning. It was the 5th coldest winter in northwest Arkansas since 1892 and the 13th coldest winter since 1882 in the river valley. To sum it all up our area had an average winter IF we lived 225 miles further north near Kansas City, Missouri.

The Raw Numbers

December averaged 3.2 degrees colder than average for the river valley and 3.6 degrees below average for northwest Arkansas. January was 1.1 and 1.3 degrees below average respectively and february was 5.8 degrees below average in the river valley and 7.0 degrees below average in northwest Arkansas. As a whole, this winter has been 3.4 degrees below average in the river valley and 4.0 degrees below average in northwest Arkansas.

Comparing 2009-10 to previous winters

River Valley

This winter was tied for the  13th Coldest winter since 1882 and 8th snowiest season since 1950.

Northwest Arkansas

This winter was tied for the 5th coldest season since 1892 and the 9th snowiest season since 1940.

Harshest Winter In A Decade

River Valley

It was the coldest winter in 9 years and the snowiest in 10 years (however we are now tied with 1999-00 at 11″, if any more snow falls it will be the snowiest in 22 years)

Northwest Arkansas

It was the coldest winter in 26 years and the snowiest in 7 years

Here are a few bonus statistics for the month of February

Ross Ellet

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5 Responses

  1. Drew is that for Fort Smith?Because in Clarksville I added all the snowfall weve had this year and it was approx.12.5 inches,OVER 1 FOOT!!!!!!!!!!But i also measured how much stuck to the roads.It all added up to 7 inches.

    • Those are the number for Fort Smith.

      Drew Michaels

  2. Drew is that for Ft Smith?Because in Clarksville i measured 12.5 inches for the yearly total THATS OVER 1 FOOT!!!!!!!!!.I also measured how much stuck to the roads which was 7 inches.

  3. The statistic that stood out for me was the 7 degree below average temperature of NWA in February! Is this a record? How unusual is such a departure from normal for a whole month?

    • It’s not a record but it is unseasonably cold for the month. Since the late 1800’s it has only happened 9 other years, so that’s rather extreme.

      Drew Michaels

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