Jet Streams Discovered On The Sun


NASA has issued a very interesting press release this afternoon. Jet streams have been discovered on the sun and according to NASA these jet streams are one of the driving forces that spawn sunspot activity. We are currently in a sunspot minimum, however today’s press release show sunspot activity is and will continue to increase over the coming months and years. This is all due to the jet stream’s location on the sun.

Sunspots cause solarflares and solar storms which affect all of us. During these active periods cell phones and satellite comunications can be severely impacted, the power grid can become overloaded and blackouts may occur. Also on a more pleasant note, the northern lights often become visible at mid to low latitudes including in Arkansas and Oklahoma. During active sunspot cycles the global temperature tends to increases. During quiet periods the global temperature tends to be a little cooler. Therefore, the newly discovered solar jet streams have an impact on our weather here on earth (even if the impact is small).

Here is the entire NASA press release on the sun’s jet streams:

Ross Ellet


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