Waterfall’s Big Water

The heavy rainfall over the past week and a half is having an impact on everyone to some extent. Flash Flooding has been a common theme and river and lake flooding is now becoming a concern. Now think for a moment of how high the water must be for the area creeks. This after all is where most of the water is rushing to before it makes its way to the river or lakes. The area creeks are rushing out of their banks as well and that means there are some big and powerful waterfalls along those creeks. I recently went to Cedar Falls at Petit Jean State Park and took the hike to the falls and was amazed by waterfall’s power. Below are two pictures, the first is showing Cedar Falls on a normal spring day when the water flow was good, the second is showing what Cedar Falls is looking like now.


The hike to the waterfall had its own challenges. The water was very high and half of the hike was under water. It looked and felt like the rain forest. The following picture showes the natural dark green color that filled the forest with some water covering the trail. The second picture shows the entire trail covered with flowing water from the creek. The water though this area was about a foot deep. This may have been one of the funnest stretches for my 3 year old twin boys. They loved to make big splashes!



When we were walking along the trail my wife stepped on a large fish which then flipped up into the air. On the way back from the waterfall my sons stumbled across a painter turtle as well. One of the bigger challenges was trying to figure out how to cross the trail, it was covered up by a mud slide which took 3 large trees down near the falls. However once we got to the waterfall it was well worth the journey.




The opportunity to see some large waterfalls will be with us for several days. The additional heavy rain today and tomorrow will keep the water levels high. On the other hand this means the flooding potential is still very high. If driving, especially on more rural roads, beware of water covering the roadway and don’t attempt to cross waters of unknown depth. Remember it only takes a foot and a half of water to carry away most vehicles.

Ross Ellet


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