Great Hiking Weather, But Be Bear Aware

I took advantage of the near perfect weather Tuesday to get out and enjoy a hike with my family. We set off to White Rock Mountain in the early evening and on the way up the Mountain this is what we saw just a couple miles from the top.


Three black bears, a momma bear and her two cubs were using the road as a trail. When the momma bear saw us she directed the cubs to climb a tree. Here is a better look at the momma bear and her cubs climbing a nearby tree. Notice this black bear has been tagged with a collar around her neck.



We slowly drove up the road and I took a few photos by popping my head through the sunroof. One of the young black bears was all black while the other was actually a white/brownish color. My twin boys, which are about to turn 3, were loving it. They kept saying, “Wow bears, ARRRRR” the whole time and even on our trip back home.



Minutes later we did get to do some hiking and see the famous sunset from White Rock Mountain.


The beautiful weather and recent rains are making for some spectacular hiking weather with decent water flow for the waterfalls around the area, just keep your eyes out. You never know what you may see.

Ross Ellet


One Response

  1. Ross,
    These pictures are awesome! Wow!
    You know, Nathan and I spend a lot of time hiking, driving around in the country and enjoying Arkansas…and just the other day we were talking about all of the things we have never seen on our excursions. We’re always seeing turkey, deer and even bobcats, but never a black bear! What a unique opportunity!
    Good photography too!
    Melissa Kelly

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