Expected Ice Accumulations & What They Mean

Here are the expected ice accumulations for Monday late afternoon through late Tuesday night.


Ice accumulations are expected to be between 0.50-1.00″ in northwest Arkansas and the Boston Mountains. In extreme northern Benton and Carroll counties and to the north between 0.25-0.50″  is expected with light sleet and snow accumulations possible. We are expecting between 0.25-0.50″ across the river valley and 0.10-0.25″ across the Ouachita Mountains. Locally higher amounts are possible as a few thunderstorms are expected to develop. Underneath some of these storms we could pick up much higher totals.

Here is a rough guide line of what these totals could mean.


Significant icing begins at 0.25″ of ice accumulation. At this point some tree branches can snap due to the weight of the ice. Some times they can hit power lines and cause some scattered power outages. At 0.50″ of ice accumulation some trees begin to snap or topple over causing widespread power outages. An inch or more of ice accumulation can be devastating. At this point, roads can become nearly impassible, power could be lost for days, and the clean up could take weeks or even months.

Ross Ellet


14 Responses

  1. Do we have a time frame of when the freezing rain will start?

  2. Julie,

    The freezing rain is expected to begin after 3pm on Monday.

    Ross Ellet

  3. When will the freezing rain begin in the River Valley?

  4. Does the River Valley have anything to worry about or will the bulk of the ice remain up notrh???

  5. Debra,

    The freezing rain will begin after 3pm Monday in the River Valley.

    Ross Ellet

  6. Eric,

    Yes, the river valley could see 0.25-0.50″ of ice accumulation.

    Ross Ellet

  7. Is there a chance a lot of schools will be closed?

  8. Looks like we’re not under a warning yet. I suppose that might change as the weather gets closer.

  9. I am attending NSU in Tahlequah,OK I love how you keep the blog updated… nice to see a news station actually doing their job…

  10. Brendon,

    Thanks for the kind comments. We really enjoy interacting with the viewers. Be safe in your travels.

  11. BG Leach,

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more counties in the River Valley are added to the list; however, that would likely happen at some point Monday night. We’ll let you know!

  12. What time will this start in the Siloam Springs area?

  13. Jackie,

    There is some light freezing drizzle that is developing right now. The heavier amounts will wait until this afternoon and evening.

    Ross Ellet

  14. Christian,

    There is a good chance schools will be closed on Tuesday.

    Ross Ellet

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